Rostock Trelleborg Ferry Guide

Discover everything you need to know about the ferry crossing between Rostock and Trelleborg.

Ferry operators

tt line rostock trelleborg

TT Line takes about 6 hours. There are 8 departures per day. Tickets are available from 49 euros.

From 49 euros you can board one of the Stena Line ships and arrive on the other side about 6 hours later.

Crossing information

Travel easily by ferry between Germany and Sweden.

Information about the ferry crossing

View the complete Rostock Trelleborg timetable (sailing schedule of TT line and Stena Line) and plan your trip.

Information about the prices of the crossing and which factors influence the total price of the ferry trip.

Be well prepared for your trip and adjust your clothing accordingly. View the current weather forecast for Rostock, Trelleborg and during the crossing.

Port information

The port of Rostock is located on the Baltic Sea coast of Germany. Easily accessible via the A19 by car or public transport.

The harbor of Trellenborg is located in the southernmost tip of Sweden. The port is centrally located and easily accessible.

Port information

Take the following things into account before, during and after the trip

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